Emaily makes it really easy to email a short link to the current web page directly from your Android Browser.

Emaily also works with applications that can share a link, such as Google Reader, etc.

Here's How:

When you find a page you want to share, simply follow these steps:

1. Push the menu key on your device
The placement/look of the menu button may vary depending on your device.

2. Tap 'More'

Note: This step is unnecessary when using Android 3.0 or higher.

3. Tap 'Share page'

Tip: You can also tap and hold in the browser's address bar to access the share menu directly.

4. Tap 'Emaily'

5. Choose Your Email Client

Tip: Tick the 'Set as default' box to never have to repeat this step again.

6. Compose & Send Email

That's it, enjoy!

Tip: You can tap and hold on any link on a web page to bring up the same share menu.