You can also find any of the applications listed on this page in the Google Play Store.

Elliptical Steps & Miles 1.0

Download » Google Play Store

Direct Download » EllipticalStepsMiles.apk (~102Kb)

Older Elliptical trainers don't measure distance in miles, they use revolutions/strides.

Use this utility to easily convert Elliptical revolutions/strides to Steps and Miles.

Tap to copy the Steps or Miles, and paste to Google Fit or your favorite Fitness app.

Open source and inspired by this article.


Last Modified: 2015-10-21 git

NoUSSD 1.0.1

Download » Google Play Store

Direct Download » NoUSSD.apk (~27Kb)

Prevents malicious websites from using the recently discovered tel: URL attack and potentially remotely wipe your device.

Please visit this test page on your device. If it causes your device's dialer application to display *#06# then you are NOT vulnerable and there is no need to install NoUSSD.

Please read this article for more information.

NoUSSD will intercept all USSD codes and give you the choice to not dial them. Regular phone numbers will be sent automatically to your favorite dialer.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Swedish.


Last Modified: 2012-10-01 git

Emaily 1.0

Download » Google Play Store

Download » Amazon Appstore

Direct Download » Emaily.apk (~105Kb)

"A simple app that makes things easier, and helps us to save some time. Recommendable."

Available directly under the share menu of the web browser, Emaily automatically shortens the current web page link, and sends it to your favorite email application.

No copy/paste required.

Long URLs are squeezed into fewer characters using the or services.

Help: How to Use Emaily



Last Modified: 2012-04-02 git

GoogSMS 0.2

Download » Google Play Store

Direct Download » GoogSMS.apk (~20Kb)

A simple (and quick) front-end for Google SMS.

As of May 2013, Google has discontinued its SMS service.

With support for Search, Web Snippets, Local Search, Local Movies, Local Weather, Airlines, Airports, Area Codes, Calculator, Currency Conversion, Directions, Flights, Glossary, METAR, Maps, Movies, Products, Q&A, Sports, Stocks, Time, Translation, Weather and Zip Codes queries.

Based on GooglME.


Last Modified: 2010-06-29 git

Tiproid 0.4

Download » Google Play Store

Direct Download » Tiproid.apk (~30Kb)

A simple tip calculator.

Never be left wondering how much you should tip your server at a restaurant. Taxes are always excluded from tip calculation. The total is nicely rounded automatically. You can even go dutch and split the tab.

Based on TipME.


Last Modified: 2010-07-08 git

SpellIt 0.3

Download » Google Play Store

Direct Download » SpellIt.apk (~18Kb)

A phonetic speller.

"S" as in "Sam", "p" as in "Paul", "e" as in "Edward", "l" as in "Lincoln"... or if you prefer you can use the NATO alphabet, "Alpha", "Bravo", etc.

Based on SpellME.


Last Modified: 2010-08-05 git